Download The Joy of Unix in Windows bundle! Cli Tools Bundle is a bundle of command-line OpenSource tools packaged as Windows app. The tools are written in Java.

This bundle is free for ALL (read: commercial and personal) uses.

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The utility of this collection ranges from simple translation of Unix tools (bc, jwget, cat, tree) to AWS dev-ops management (ec2-control, opsworks-control)—and everything in-between like text-encoding-util, wiz-webserver and XML tools like xsd-gen, xml-validator and xslt-transform.

Unix Design Heritage

The tools adheres to the Unix design heritage:

  • Tools have proper exit statuses.
  • Generic command-line parameters (like -h) and help in-built.
  • Utilizes STDIO for reading input / writing output where applicable.
  • Error messages written to STDERR.


wiztoolsList all other tool names.
amazon-ses-cli Tool to send email using AWS SES.
base64-cli Compute Base64 encoding of any file.
bc Tool inspired by Unix bc.
cat Unix cat implemented in Java.
css-import-resolver Generate optimized CSS by including @import files inline.
date-arithmetic Add / subtract years / months / days to a date and get result.
ec2-control Start, stop, terminate EC2 instances from command-line.
jfind Find which Jar file / folder holds the searched class.
json-validator Cli Json validator and formattor.
jwget Tool inspired by Unix wget.
markdown2html Convert MD files to HTML.
multicast-tool Tool to test multicast communication.
opsworks-control Tool to start / stop OpsWorks stacks / instances.
portscanner-cli A port-scanning tool.
s3upload-cli Tool to upload files to S3 bucket.
system-property-cli Tool to list all Java system properties.
text-encoding-util Tool to convert between encodings and line endings.
tree Inspired by Unix tree.
uuidgen Generate UUID string.
wiz-webserver A tiny webserver that runs from command-line.
wizcrypt File encryption app and library.
xml-validator Validate correctness of your XML against a schema.
xsd-gen Generate XSD from XML.
xslt-transform Transform XML documents using XSL stylesheets.



This application needs Java to run.


Run the downloaded Windows installer to install.


After installation, fire up your command prompt and run any command. Example: